Wednesday, November 8, 2017

First Major Crypto Index

Press Release: VanEck's MVIS® is the First Major Index Provider to Offer Digital Asset (Crypto) Indices - VanEck

Index List: Digital Assets Indices - VanEck

Bitcoin and crypto investors and enthusiasts have been hoping for involvement by established financial institutions.

Now, a major provider of financial indices has established a set of crypto indices. VanEck has been wanting to start an ETF, an Exchange Traded Fund, for cypto. They have put that on hold, citing resistance by regulatory bodies. But, in the meantime, they have partnered with to establish crypto indices ranging from ones dedicated to one cryptocurrency to those composed of a variety of currencies.

Click above for the Press Release, and for the full list of indices.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Scamcoins You Need to Avoid!

Article: A Closer Look at How Three of the Biggest Scamcoins Lure Its Investors -

Scams go hand in hand with crypto. Everyone needs to be very careful in the crypto space. Do your due diligence, then do it again! Only invest or mine established currencies. And, if you're mining, know that if you're mining new currencies, they could be vaporware and go adios, or tank, quickly. Remember, your Private Key is just that: PRIVATE! Do. Not. Ever. Share or post. Anywhere. Ever!

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Rise of Bitcoin Factories

Article:  The Rise of Bitcoin Factories: Mining for the Masses - Wall Street Journal NOTE: The above article may only be available to n...