Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My First Mining Is Online!

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After waiting for a bit, my Bitcoin Mining is online! Today is my first day of BTC Mining, with 5 TH/s mining power through Genesis Mining.

Genesis is a cloud-mining service that lets you buy hashpower with crypto or even a credit card. I bought my Bitcoin Mining through a pre-order and it has now started. You can currently buy Zcash, Ether or Monero 2-year contracts and mining will start immediately.

My Bitcoin Mining contract is open ended. So, I will get continual hashpower unless Genesis finds Bitcoin mining to be unprofitable. Then, things could change. But, Bitcoin is the most resilient cryptocurrency, so prospects look good!

I will report back to tell you what the returns on my Bitcoin mining are.

Last week, I used a 3% off coupon and purchased 100 H/s of Zcash Mining. That instantly started producing returns:

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